Today is a rainy and windy day and I wake up a little bit late. I am drinking coffee and write down this article. I found some touchable tea ads from Web by chance. The following one makes me missing my hometown……

I can remember before I came to the U.S.There was a scenario that my father was driving the car. Meanwhile, I sit on the front seat and lovely mom sit on the back seat. We talking and laughing when driving on the way. The scene at front of me is exactly what you are seeing on the left. This road and mounting looks like a truly picture of Yunnan Province. I love this tea ad that really touched me.   

This three Chinese character means “Don’t be swayed by considerations of gain and loss”. Exactly! Why not?

So cute! See Pu erh Tea’s color which on the left-top is different from others.

These contents in the pot and cup seem like coffee, and these tea tools with metal texture makes me impressive for tea pot not tea self. I am suspect this ad is for containers not for tea……

The last one brings a refresh feeling but the tag seems a little bit small and vague so that audiences couldn’t figure out the letters on the tag, but I love the whole picture with bright green color.

Well, hope these tea ads draw your eyes!

Source: Google image