I am Angela, a Piscis Chinese girl who lives in Chicago and study in Loyola. I enjoy experiencing different culture and expecting unknown world. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions(See the image on the left). Its indicates that I am sensitive and unconsciously so I may absorb the moods and thoughts of the people around me.

Puer tea is one of the famous export products in my hometown – Puer City in China. Mom and I start to taste and enjoy Puer tea for a long time. Mom is a big fan of Puer Tea not only because tea itself, but also involve tea culture and tea mood. I have different feeling and mood when I taste different sorts of Puer tea. Each tea sort brings you its special looking, scent, and taste.  I enjoy sharing this experience with you and you may fall in love with Puer Tea!

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–Xiaoying(Angela) Yang 🙂