Summer will come soon. Expecting? Sure! Chicago’s summer is splendid. Here are  some tips about hosting a tea party. Enjoy it!


Hosting a tea party can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Nowadays some are worried that a tea party is too formal and old fashioned, but it is actually lots of girly fun for all ages. I have known teenagers to be dragged to a tea party and discover that they loved it!

  1. 1.The first thing to decide is how many guests you are having. Tea parties can range from an intimate 3 to a crowd of 50.
  2. 2.Once you have decided who to invite, you need to send them a lovely invitation. The prettier the better. Remember to include any dress code, (i.e. semi-formal), the date, the time, the location, and if you don’t have enough tea tools, suggest that they each bring a cup and saucer.

3.You may already have an image in your mind of how you want the tea party to look, but if not, just remember that you cant go wrong with lace, doilies, flowers, and all lovely delicate things.

4.The menu should consist of simple yet pretty finger foods. Small cookies, tea sandwiches, and small pastries are wonderful. Scones are popular as well as cupcakes.

5.The tea you serve can be plain green tea, or can be an herbal combination. A little lavender with some bilberry is very tasty and helps with emotional balance.

6.Arrange your treats on pretty dishes (a three tiered dish is fun!) and either place the tea on a tea cart, a side table, or on the table if it is large enough. Make sure that cream and sugar are also on the table.

7.Lastly, enjoy yourself! Tea party hosting is work, so now you deserve to enjoy your delicious treats, tea, and friends.