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Have fun in making Puer Tea

Making Puer Tea would bring you a lot of fun. Before practice, there is some knowledge about tea tool you would like to know. Perceive this picture and see the following description.

A.) Vase – provides storage for all tools
B.) Tea Shuffle – shuffles/scope tea leaves
C.) Tea Needle – prevents spout blockage
D.) Tea Digger – digs and remove expended tea leaves from teapots
E.) Tea Tongs – handles hot tea wares for cleaning
F.) Tea Funnel – funnels tea leaves into small teapot openings

Amazing? Let’s do it now.

Step 1

Warm the teapot by pouring hot water inside and immediately pour the water away.

Step 2

Add the amount of tea leaf you preferred into the teapot. You will have your own preferred tea strength, hence experiment with the amount of tea leaf to add to suit your taste.

Step 3

Add hot water inside the pot until it covers all the tea leaf, close the lid and immediately pour the water out until the pot has emptied.

Step 4

Add hot water and let it steep. With high quality tea-leaf it can be reseeded several times. Do not steep too long else it will cause a bitter taste. See the table for suggested steeping time.

Steep Steep time
First 1 minute
Second 1 minute 30 second
Third 2 minutes
Fourth 3 minutes

By the fifth steep, the tea will have lost most of its favour, steep as long as you like at this stage until you get all the favour out of the tea leaf.

Step 5

Pour the tea into cups. If you still have liquid left in the pot, pour it into a tea pitcher. Do not leave the liquid to steep inside the pot as this will cause the tea to become too strong and bitter.

You are now ready to enjoy your tea. After a few experiment, you will have an idea of your own preferred steeping time and the amount of tea leaf to use for each brew.

source: Green teapot.co.uk


Tea-Tasting is Life-Tasting

I love creates my own space from busy life. Sometimes, enjoy some music and release press from touchable rhythm. Sometimes, watch a new arrival movie in theater. Sometimes, talk with my close friends. Why not drink a cup of tea? Maybe “drink” is not exactly to express the emotion. So I prefer use the word “taste”.   

I am addicted in Puer. Love the unpredictable scent and color that take an infinite imaging. Take a cup of tea and match a comfortable music, you could avoid noisy world and enjoy a space that just for you. Take a rest when you tired and stop your step. See what happened around you and don’t hesitate to take a cup of tea.

Enjoy Serving Tea

I used to study serving tea at home when I was in China. Yeah, I miss that wonderful time. My “master” is mom. She familiar with serving tea to guests. There is a bundle of special tool to make a cup of Puer. I cannot figure out exactly English words about every applied tool. Fortunately, I found a nice video in YouTube that remind me each specific movement when serving Puer. Nice video!