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Health Effects of Tea

I found a  professional article that talks about ingredient composition of black tea. This is a persuasive angle to show benefits from tea drinker. 

Souce: By Susan Elliott–http://www.ehow.com/about_5399069_health-effects-tea.html

A tea is either made by infusion or decoction. The typical way to make a tea is by infusing herbs with water. An infusion is made by using the soft leaf or flower parts of the plant. Decoction is the process of making tea from the hard parts of a plant. Decoction requires a much longer boiling and steeping process than a tea infusion. However, no matter which process is used to make a tea, the many health benefits of tea can still be enjoyed.


  • Black tea contains flavonoids. According to Dr. Gaby, coauthor of “The Natural Pharmacy,” flavonoids “support health by strengthening capillaries and other connective tissue, and some function as anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic and antiviral agents.”

    Tannic Acid

  • Black tea also contains tannic acid. Tannic acid has both antibacterial and astringent agents. Tannic acid can have a good effect on toothaches, ulcers and wounds. Some dentists tell patients to place cool tea bags on the area of the mouth where a tooth has been pulled to help decrease the chance of infection.

    Curative properties

  • The-color-of-tea.com provides studies done by researcher Milton Schiffenbauer of Pace University that show the many benefits of black tea. Schiffenbauer concluded that black tea helps to destroy many viruses that are found in the mouth. It can prevent and shorten the length of diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections.

    Preventative properties

  • There are also several preventative benefits from drinking black tea. These include the possible prevention of prostate cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer. This is mainly due to the fact that the compound TF-2 is found in tea. TF-2 has been shown to deter the growth of cancerous cells. Black tea may also prevent tooth decay, relieve arthritis, and help burn excess fat.
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    Tea-Tasting is Life-Tasting

    I love creates my own space from busy life. Sometimes, enjoy some music and release press from touchable rhythm. Sometimes, watch a new arrival movie in theater. Sometimes, talk with my close friends. Why not drink a cup of tea? Maybe “drink” is not exactly to express the emotion. So I prefer use the word “taste”.   

    I am addicted in Puer. Love the unpredictable scent and color that take an infinite imaging. Take a cup of tea and match a comfortable music, you could avoid noisy world and enjoy a space that just for you. Take a rest when you tired and stop your step. See what happened around you and don’t hesitate to take a cup of tea.

    Enjoy Serving Tea

    I used to study serving tea at home when I was in China. Yeah, I miss that wonderful time. My “master” is mom. She familiar with serving tea to guests. There is a bundle of special tool to make a cup of Puer. I cannot figure out exactly English words about every applied tool. Fortunately, I found a nice video in YouTube that remind me each specific movement when serving Puer. Nice video!

    Where, What, When

    Where is original Place of Puer Tea. See this Chinese map? Yellow area is the beautiful Puer City of Yunnan Province.

    “For thousands of years, there was an ancient road treaded by human feet and horse hoofs in the mountains of Southwest China, bridging the Chinese hinterland and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Along the unpaved and often rugged road, tea, salt and sugar flowed into Tibet, while horses, cows, furs, musk and other local products came out. The ancient commercial passage, dubbed the “Ancient Tea-Horse Road“.”


    Can I speak out every story about Puer Tea? Of course not. I am not historian, not archeologist, also not expert. But I have a special feeling and emotion when I type in every word in here. I create the name for this page which is “Tea Scenario”. Scenario could involve a lot.  Every pics and every thoughts could match a song and a specific sphere. Do you agree? I cannot agree more.

    I am a Piscis Chinese girl who lives in Chicago and study in Loyola. I enjoy experiencing different culture and expecting unknown world. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions(See the image on the left). Its indicates that I am sensitive and unconsciously so I may absorb the moods and thoughts of the people around me.

    Puer tea is one of the famous export products in my hometown – Puer City in China. Mom and I start to taste and enjoy Puer tea for a long time. Mom is a big fan of Puer Tea not only because tea itself, but also involve tea culture and tea mood. I have different feeling and mood when I taste different sorts of Puer tea. Each tea sort brings you its special looking, scent, and taste.  I enjoy sharing this experience with you and you may fall in love with Puer Tea!